Delivery times

Please note that the shipping time may be affected during peak periods (e.g. holidays, sale periods and new releases).

Continental Portugal
DHL Portugal - Home delivery (24h to 72h) DHL Portugal - Free on purchases over 75€ 

Portugal Islands (Madeira and Azores)
DHL Portugal Islands - Air - Home Delivery:
Madeira (up to 3 working days)
S. Miguel (up to 3 working days)
Faial; Terceira (up to 4 working days)
Pico; S. Jorge; Sta. Maria; Corvo; Graciosa; Flores; Porto Santo (up to 5 working days)

DHL Portugal Islands - Sea - Home Delivery:
Madeira (between 6 and 11 working days)
S. Miguel (between 6 and 11 working days)
Faial (between 10 and 16 working days)
Terceira (between 8 and 14 working days)
Pico (between 12 and 18 working days)
S. Jorge; Sta. Maria; Graciosa; Flores (between 14 and 20 working days)
Corvo (between 26 and 32 working days)
Porto Santo (between 7 and 14 working days)

Spain Mainland and Islands
DHL Spain - Home delivery:
Mainland Spain (between 24h and 72h)
Balearic Islands (between 48h and 72h)
Canary Islands (between 72h and 96h)
Ceuta; Melilla (between 48h and 96h)

DHLEurope - Home delivery:
Germany; Belgium; Corsica; Slovenia; Netherlands; Italy; Luxembourg; United Kingdom (up to 3 working days)
Austria; Denmark; Slovakia; Hungary; Ireland; Poland; Czech Republic; Romania; Sweden; Switzerland (up to 4 working days)
Bosnia-Herzegovina; Serbia (up to 10 working days)
Bulgaria; Finland; Latvia; Lithuania; Norway (up to 5 working days)
Croatia; Estonia; Iceland (up to 6 working days)
France; Monaco (up to 2 working days)
Greece (up to 8 working days)
Ukraine (up to 9 working days)

Rest of the World:
DHL Worldwide - Home delivery (between 24h and 72h)